Monday, April 6, 2009

Write me Letters :)

I really do love getting letters, so PLEASE write as often as possible. My district leader checks mail 3 times a day, so you can imagine how lame it is when the mail is being passed out and I get NOTHING :( However, I learned that you can do FREE sameday delivery to the MTC through Then you don't have to write a letter by hand or buy a stamp. I think they have packages you can send through them too, but i won't get my hopes up :)

Anyway, I've really had a great time here at the MTC. I can't believe how much I've learned in the past 10 days. I feel like I didn't know anything before!! My companion and I have been getting along really well, but she's not as outgoing as I am. I'm trying really hard to become close friends with her and have a little fun, but she seems to be one of those "all work and no play" types, so that can be a little frustrating. It's good that she's so diligent because it gives me a greater desire to work harder, but even the Prophet says that we should have a sense of humor and enjoy life more! There is another sister in my district, Sister Bell, who I get along really well with. We both find each other hilarious, so I can tell we're going to be great friends when we get home from our missions!

The last couple days we've worked a few hours in the referral center. When people get pass along cards or see commercials for free Book of Mormons or other things, they call us to order them. Most of the calls are actually outbound calls to follow-up on people after they've received their products. I had a lot of JERKS the first day I was in there, so that was discouraging. The 2nd day I said a prayer asking to have a more enjoyable experience and to talk to people who are nicer to me haha. Lo and behold, I suddenly started getting inbound calls. We were never trained on inbound calls, but I figured it out pretty quickly. I talked to quite a few people who were so sweet, wanted to know more about the church, and were very open to having missionaries come by. I talked to a man from North Carolina (Holly Hill I think? 20 miles away from Durham!) and also a lady named Elizabeth from Canada. I talked to her for almost 30 minutes! This is has definitely caused me to look forward to working in a visitor's center--it's like the inbound calls of a mission!

Well, I'm running out of time but I will try to send everyone another letter, maybe with pictures, sometime this week. I can only check email on Fridays while at the MTC and I only get 30 minutes (the computer system times us, after 30 mintues we get kicked out and can't log back in until the next week). So, I'd love to receive emails from the best family ever, but I'd love it even more if you sent letters! Please keep writing, I want to know EVERYTHING that is going on in your lives!


Here's my address in case you don't have it:
Sister Bridget Smith
MTC Mailbox #196
HI-HON 0421
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

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