Friday, May 1, 2009

Traffic Jam

Hi family! I don't have much time to write today, but I've attached some pictures. The blue dress I'm wearing is the dress we wear at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We wear a different one at the visitor's center, so i'll send you a picture of that later.

This last week has been pretty eventful, but mostly yesterday was crazy. It was our P-day and my companion needed to go to the dentist in Honolulu. It is about an hour drive to Honolulu from Laie (if traffic isn't too bad) and we stayed at the dentist for about 2 hours. We were going to get some food and I was going to buy some vitamins at a HUGE mall near the dental office, but then we realized that we had NO MONEY on our credit cards given to us by the mission department.

We decided to go home and eat there. When we got about halfway there, traffic STOPPED. We found out later that there was a big diesel truck collision and oil spill. To make a long story short, we were stuck in Kahalu'u for more than 3 HOURS, with a couple trips towards Kaneohe to get gas and go to the bathroom. It was a long day, but when we were at the gas station some members gave us some money so that we could eat. Heavenly Father was really watching out for us.

Other than that, everything has gone well. Um...except for my 3rd day when I scraped my car against some other sisters' car when backing out. ugh. no bueno. My mission president is praying that mission headquarters won't see that as a reason to stop me from driving, because only half of the sisters here are authorized to drive.

Something kind of fun that I've enjoyed is the Japanese people that come to the PCC. They love trying to do the "hang loose" sign with their hands, and they love getting pictures with us in their dresses. In the pictures, they always do the "hang loose" sign, but they do it with their palm facing forward, kind of like a peace sign. It's cute.

Well, I better go. My companion is waiting for me. Thanks for the letters and emails--keep writing me!!


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