Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hey Family and Friends!

There's not too much to talk about. Things have been very slow at the Visitors' Center, and I still haven't taught ANY lessons outside of the VC. It's very frustrating. We've scheduled a few appointments with recent converts and less active members, but they ALWAYS cancel. Hopefully we can find people who WANT to hear from us, because I'm getting restless. Time goes by very slowly when you're not doing much.

A couple days ago I had dinner with some Samoan members. They were very friendly, but Samoan food is WEIRD. They have this veggie called a "Taro" that they absolutely love. On the outside it looks like a white squash or something like that, and the inside is Grey. It tastes like a cross between a potato and rubber. Not so delicious in my opinion, but I'll be eating them a lot I'm sure so I'll have to get used to them. I attached a picture so you can see how weird they look.

We haven't been outside too much, but I already am getting a super cool tanline on my arm from my watch. The sun here is much stronger than in Utah, so I'll have to wear sunscreen a lot. I've heard of a lot of sisters that looked really aged after their missions because they didn't wear sunscreen and their skin was so damaged.

A little funny note about Hawaii--a lot of people do NOT like visitors at their homes. Lots of people have big, mean guard dogs and "beware of dog" signs on their front fences or around the house. Some people have these signs and don't even have a dog. All the houses here look pretty run down, but people pay SO MUCH for rent. They could live much nicer lives if they moved to the mainland, but they're very stubborn and refuse to live anywhere other than Hawaii.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the night show at the Polynesian Cultural Center. I went with the Wirthlins (a senior couple). They were really sweet and the show was cool, but it felt weird just doing something for fun that wasn't at all related to missionary work. I've attached some pictures and I took some videos, but they're too big to email. Maybe I'll send my flash drive home and dad can show them to everyone and put them on my blog.

Well, I'm out of time but I love you all and miss you. Please continue to write. I don't have as much time to send emails, but if you send letters in the mail I'll ALWAYS respond. I love getting letters in the mail SO MUCH, they brighten my day!


View out of my bedroom window... notice no screens.

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  1. Hey Sister Smith :D
    I love reading your blogs and looking at the pictures you post! Thanks for sharing! You look great!! xoxo Kari