Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LOST in this ward

Diamond Head Trail Head

Diamond Head

Cool Choco Lines

Our pet Cockroach

Visitor Center Sisters

Some of our investigators from my first area

Zoo Trip

Sister Teremia (my new companion)

Hi All!

Sorry I didn't email last week, it was a crazy P-day and we didn't have access to a computer all day. We went to the zoo though! And today we went on a hike with our zone at the Diamond Head crater. It was really nice. I have some pictures to send, but I don't have my camera with me right now so hopefully I'll get the chance to send them later today.

Things are going really well over here. We're teaching quite a few people, some with a lot of commitment and desire to do what's right. We also have a lot of recent converts that we meet with often who really contribute to missionary work. There are a lot of people in our ward, as well as some investigators who work in the film industry. It's cool to hear them talk about behind the scenes stuff. A lot of them work on "Lost" and there are some actors that live in the area too, but we don't know where. We could've knocked on their doors already!

My headaches have decreased drastically, so that's been nice. There's a pharmacy really close by that takes our insurance too, so I can get my migraine medicine there when I need a refill. I've been getting healthier too. I run every morning and I find that walking up hills all day isn't as hard as it used to be. I also have a super cool zig zag tanline on my feet from my sandals. I'll have to send a picture, haha it's soo bad.

The work isn't as busy here as in other areas, but we still have quite a few people to teach and are always keeping busy. It's been good and time goes by very quickly. This transfer is already halfway over!! My companion and I still get along really well, so that's nice.

Anyway, I can't think of much else to say right now that won't take up all of my emailing time, but please write back and tell me what's going on in your lives! I love you all and miss you. I hope you made sure that Dad and Papa have the best father's day ever!!


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