Thursday, June 11, 2009

Transfer to Proselyting

Today makes day #5 of being a full-pros missionary! I am serving in an area called "Hawaii Kai". It's one of the nicer suburbs in Honolulu. Keep sending mail to the mission office. It is forwarded to my apartment and I get it pretty quickly. Whenever I am transferred, the mail will always get to my newest address so we don't have to worry about lost letters!

Being full-proselyting is very very very different from serving in the visitors' center, but I definitely enjoy it. My companion is Sister Ieremia and she is from a tiny cluster of islands in the Pacific called "Kiribati" (When pronounced correctly it sounds like "kitty-bus"). She's so funny and has the cutest accent. She's been serving her mission for a year and a week now and was at the Visitors' Center for about 8 months before doing full-proselyting. I love having her as my companion. We are the only sisters serving in our zone, so we don't have to worry about all the drama and gossip that comes from 16 girls living in one place! She's also a hard worker who teaches me a lot.

Every night we come home completely EXHAUSTED, but in a good way! We have some great people we're teaching and some amazing ward members, but we still have a lot more people to find! We spend a lot more time trying to find people than in Laie, and it can be rough sometimes, but the Lord will help us find the right people when we do our part.

There are 2 things I'm sad about from leaving Laie. First is leaving behind the people we were teaching. They are the best and I hope the sisters who are with them now will take good care of them. I also miss having the senior couples around all the time. They were the BEST! But Hawaii Kai has its advantages. It's nice that we have more than 1 grocery store close by and we have a pharmacy and a lot of restaurants! Plus we're close enough to downtown Honolulu that we get to see the Mission President pretty often.

One thing that I've learned so far is that as missionaries, we really don't do much. This probably sounds weird...haha, but it's true. All the people we teach, all the people we find, and all the people that get baptized and are true gems--they ALL come from the LORD. We're just the messengers running around trying to follow promptings from the spirit, trying to be obedient, and trying to teach what Heavenly Father wants us to teach. When we work hard and are obedient, people fall into our laps. Those who get baptized are READY for it--they were prepared to learn this stuff before we got there. Every bit of success we have comes from the Lord and it's very humbling. But we still do our part. Heavenly Father can't help us if we don't listen to what he tells us and if we don't follow the commandments and mission rules. I'm seeing that every rule we are given is for a reason and that I'm so much happier when I'm willingly obedient and work hard.


Anyway, time is about up so I better go. But please keep writing and giving support. I love hearing from people. Please keep me in your prayers--you are all in mine.


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