Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Am Like My Dad

Hello again!

This week is a great indicator of how much faster time goes by when you're a missionary. Transfers are this Wednesday already. I will be staying here in Hawaii Kai, but my companion will be returning to the Visitors' Center in Laie. I'm anxious to see who my new companion will be!

On Saturday, we did companionship exchanges with the sisters in Kailua (near Kaneohe, about 25 min from Hawaii Kai). We drove up there on Friday night and I dropped off Sister Ieremia. Sister Cutler came back to Hawaii Kai with me. She's a "sister trainer" which is like a district leader for the sisters...kind of. Anyway, it was cool to be with someone who's had a lot of experience and is a GOOD proactive missionary with a lot of tricks up her sleeve. I learned a lot and got a lot of good ideas on how to improve myself as a missionary. It was a neat experience and Sister Cutler was really easy to get along with.

Yesterday I realized that I'm more like Dad than I thought. I used to always make fun of Dad because he would always have a good laugh when he'd say hi to people. You know what I mean-- he'd say "hello there!" *chuckle*

Haha well I'm doing that too now. When we tract or make street contact or whenever, I'll randomly chuckle when I talk to people. Not because something is funny...just because it lightens the mood I guess, and because I've inherited Dad's genes. By the way, did everyone here that Dad saw the Jonas Brothers LIVE? Haha w00t!

Anyway, missionary work is good, but I'm realizing I can do a LOT more to make it better. So this coming transfer I'm going to work harder and focus more to ensure that I'm doing everything I can to find those people who are "white already to harvest" (and not brown already to plant!) At the MTC we learned that planting is good, and it's important, but there are MANY people out there who are prepared to receive the fullness of the restored gospel. I just need to find them.

Something cool I've been learning since I started really studying the scriptures more deeply is the role of Jesus Christ. Not only as the Savior, but as the great "I AM". I started reading Jesus the Christ by Talmage and it's really opened my eyes. I would get confused when reading the scriptures because I never knew if they were referring to God the Father or Christ when they'd say "God" or "Lord". After LOTS of studying and help from the Holy Ghost, I'm realizing that the majority of the time it is referring to Jesus Christ. He has aided His people in so many ways.

I thought about Abinadi and Jacob. They both faced people who brought opposition to their beliefs. (For me lately, that's been the Jehova's Witnesses haha). But those who opposed them taught false doctrine and Abinadi and Jacob called them out on it. They both said, "you do not understand the scriptures". And I'm coming to KNOW that the biggest reason people don't see the importance of our message is because they don't truly understand the scriptures. That understanding makes all the difference in the world. Because I understand the scriptures more and more each day, I know that my testimony is unshaken. I'm still imperfect and have my weaknesses, but I'm truly building my foundation upon Christ and know of a surety that there is so much in store for me in this life and in the life after. I can't imagine how returned missionaries go home and become inactive, or worse. But many do. They didn't understand the scriptures or the reality of them.

Well, it's time for me to run but I hope to hear from everyone soon. It's been a while since I've received a letter from brothers such as Warren, Ronnie, and Todd... hint hint. I'm anxious to hear about Audrey's new baby. Let me know when she pops!

I love you all!
Sister Smith