Friday, October 2, 2009

September 7th 2009


How are things in Utah? I'm definitely happy about missing the winter months there, but I'll be a little sad to not have a good Utah fall in the next few months. At least I'll only be gone for one Halloween!!

Things are going good right now. We have another baptism on the 19th. We were going to have it on the 12th, but things moved so fast that we don't have enough time to plan everything for the baptism. He is actually friends and coworkers with our last convert. He wanted a good foundation for his daughters to grow up in, and knew that he needed religion in his life. A good friend from work shared a little about the gospel with him. He doesn't remember much about the doctrine when we teach him, but he notices the good feelings when we teach and the changes that are brought up in him when he prays and reads the scriptures. He has 2 daughters, one is 8 and the other is 10, and they love learning more and coming to church. They'll probably be baptized soon. It feels good to see someone really change from the gospel. We're trying to get really good fellowshippers in the ward to make sure he has support to keep him strong. We're teaching some other good people as well. It's exciting to see them progress!

We went to the zoo last p-day. Our whole zone was there, and when we go out in public we have to wear our proselyting clothes unless the activity prohibits it, like hiking. So as we were walking around the zoo, people were looking at the Elders as if they were some sort of crazy exhibit as well. It was pretty funny when Sister Stevenson and I walked in and immediately spotted about 14 boys all in white shirts, ties, and slacks at the zoo. Unfortunately since today is Labor Day, we couldn't go to the library to check our email. Right now we're at the Apple Store in the mall using their sample I don't know how much longer we can stay...

Anyway, I love ALL of you and miss you tons. But I also love serving the Lord and have seen many miracles as His servant.


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