Tuesday, January 5, 2010

November 19th 2009

Dear Family & Friends,

I hope you are as surprised to hear from me this soon as I am. We had our transfers yesterday and I found out right before the transfer meeting started that I would be coming back to the Visitors' Center. I was soooo certain that I was going to stay where I was at!

So my P-days are now Thursdays. My new companion is Sister Kolo from Tonga and this is her LAST transfer on her mission. She's GREAT. I've been very blessed to have her as a companion. I'll miss Sister Orgil though. I'm a little worried about her. I hope she'll be okay with her new companion. The day before I left, we went to a local Community College and helped the international students club make Mongolian food for a fundraiser. It was lots of fun. I am officially an excellent dumpling maker. I said goodbye to some of the people I'll miss the most. I'll attach some pictures of them. One of them gave me a shirt for a movie they were working on. It says "PREDATOR FILM CREW 2009" and has a picture of some crazy Alien on it. Too bad it'll probably come out while I'm on my mission, otherwise I'd wear the shirt to the movie theater when I went to watch it and be like, "yeah, I totally worked on this movie." I think it's supposed to be the sequal to Predator vs. Alien or something like that. The bro's will probably know.

Right now I am serving in 3 wards: One family ward in Kahuku, a BYU ward, and a single's ward in Laie. Sister Kolo and I "white-washed" the area, meaning we are both brand new to the area and have nothing but the Area Book to get us going. It will be an exciting transfer. I'm definitely happier than last time I was here. But Laie is pretty chilly these days--much cooler than Honolulu. So I could use some cute sweaters to keep me warm. There are no stores here except Foodland. Which is an oober EXPENSIVE grocery store. I could also use extra money if anyone can spare it. I came here with no food and only $30 on my mission fund card for the rest of the month. I had to use my remaining personal funds for new church shoes before I left Honolulu (aka civilization). And apparently our family ward doesn't feed the missionaries as often as they are supposed to (which is everyday) so I have almost no money to buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods for the rest of the month. Sad day. The good news is that I will stop gaining weight from being overfed!

The final piece of exciting news is that Ronnie wrote me the first email he's ever written since I've been a missionary!!

Well, I better go. But I love you all so much and miss you. Keep in touch and pray for me every night!


P.S. There is a sister here named Sister Bridge and sometimes I get her and I confused because I'm so used to friends and family calling me "Bridge" that I think people are talking to/about me when they say "Sister Bridge"

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