Tuesday, January 5, 2010

December 10th 2009

Dear Family & Friends,

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka! Make sure to take a look at the pictures I attached because you will enjoy them. They’ll give you a small idea of what Christmas is like in Laie and at the Polynesian Cultural Center. I’m making a Christmas Card (kind of) to send to everyone with the best Christmas card picture you will ever receive in the history of Christmas cards, so be expecting it. We had our zone conference on Tuesday and were sure to all wear Christmas colors. Our mission president also gave us a present of letting us watch the Emma Smith movie. It was nice.

Just to give a heads up on my Christmas Day phone call, I will probably call close to 11:20AM Hawaii time. So check the time difference so you know when to expect me. We are only allowed to talk for 40 MINUTES. We got in trouble on Mothers’ Day because a lot of missionaries went over the time limit. And that’s why I chose 11:20 because I have to be on shift at the VC at noon and won’t be as tempted to talk too long.

I heard that is it VERY COLD in good ol’ UT right now. So I wanted to tell you a story that will make you laugh. It’s been starting to get chilly here in the evenings and mornings and the other day my companion and I got into the car after an appointment exclaiming how freezing cold it was. We had goosebumps and quickly threw on our sweaters and closed the doors. As we started driving away, I noticed that our car shows the outside temperature. It was 70 degrees. Haha I guess I’ve truly adjusted to Hawaii temperatures.

The Church is still true and I love it and my Savior with all my heart. I’m so glad I chose to come on a mission. By the time I get home you won’t recognize me anymore because 1) I’ll have changed a lot and be much less bossy and 2) My cheeks will be much more round.

On a heavier note, there’s a lot of sorrow and difficulties going on with the Sisters here and they could use your prayers. 3 sisters have Dads who are ill. Late Tuesday night my companion learned that her Dad passed away from cancer. She’s having a hard time. I’m doing my best to help, but I’m not very good at comforting people and that sort of thing. She’s still not sure if she’ll go home ASAP or wait until the end of the transfer (which is when she was going to complete her mission). There are a lot of challenges because her Dad is still in New Zealand where he was in the Hospital and they will probably have a funeral there, but Tongans cannot go there with just a passport, they have to get a visa. So please pray for her that she can feel comforted and happy and can get her visa without problems, and pray for me so that I can help in any way she needs.

I love you all and miss you so much. Remember, the best Christmas presents are letters from my family!


P.S. Dad, be especially careful putting up those hard-to-reach Christmas lights or become ill, because I wouldn’t be able to handle another disappointment.

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