Tuesday, January 5, 2010

December 24th 2009


I'm so excited that I will talking to all of you on the phone tomorrow. Like I said before, I'll be calling around 11:20 Hawaii time so I think that's 2:20 Utah time. I'll call the new phone # that Mom and Dad have and it will probably show up on the caller ID as a toll-free number. I'll be calling from our calling center where people order free DVD's, BoM's, etc. Yay! I'm so excited!

In other good news, a girl that I taught during my first transfer here (Tiara) is getting baptized on Saturday. And another girl I taught (Ani) will likely get baptized in January. We also have 2 Phillipino investigators in one of my wards who'll be baptized on January 10th. AND we're having a baptism on the day after Christmas. It's exciting and fulfilling to see the gospel change people's lives.

I've now been on my mission long enough to start seeing the fruits of my labors. I recently received letters from all of the people I taught in my last area that I grew closest to. I even got a Christmas present from the kids in a part-member family that I really grew to love along with little notes from each of them (Amber, Bret, La'akea, and Bella). The notes and cards were the best Christmas presents I've received yet. It's comforting and fulfilling to know that despite my weaknesses, mistakes, and challenges in my last area, I really did make a difference in someones' lives.

I'm not feeling too well today :( so I think I'm going to cut my letter short today, but I look forward to hearing your voices tomorrow!


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