Tuesday, January 5, 2010

December 31st 2009


Just to let you know, my new P-day is now Wednesday. I am checking my email today because I didn't have time to yesterday since I was in Honolulu all day. I went to the transfer meeting and a bunch of training meetings because I have a brand new companion! Fresh from the MTC! This is my first American companion and my first companion that can drive AND she graduated from Pleasant Grove the same year I did. BUT we didn't know each other. She's great though, I know this'll be a good transfer. This assignment reminds me of when I first got here, which doesn't feel that long ago. It's getting me re-excited about missionary work and being the BEST missionary I can be.

I went 2 days without a headache! Somehow though, I have PLENTY of my prescription medication. I have a feeling it will be okay. I think I'm going to ask my mission president for a blessing (We have our interviews with him for the transfer next Tuesday). Also, in the mission, January is "covenant month" and our mission president said we should make a promise with the Lord about something we will do to serve him better, and ask for something in return. So I am going to make a covenant to be a more diligent and obedient missionary (I'll make it more specific) and ask for my headaches to go away in return. I hope my faith has grown enough on my mission to make it work. I'll keep you updated when I feel the miracle :)

I was so excited to hear about Ronnie's wedding! It sounded beautiful and oh so fun! I wish I could've been there. I expect to see LOTS OF PICTURES, k? I got the wedding invitation from the mission office yesterday. I was so excited! I've been telling all the sisters, "guess what! My brother just got married!!" And they said, "I know you told me 5 times already..." Haha I'm just happy for my bro.

Something extra special that happened this week is I got a letter from 3 different friends who said that I have influenced them a lot by going on a mission and responding to their letters. It was very uplifting and unexpected. Elder Eyring gave a talk once called "Rise to your call" and said, "The Lord will magnify what you say and what you do in the eyes of the people you serve. He will send the Holy Ghost to manifest to them that what you spoke was true. What you say and do will carry hope and give direction to people far beyond your natural abilities and your own understanding. That miracle has been a mark of the Lord’s Church in every dispensation. It is so much a part of your call that you may begin to take it for granted...If I only think of my own performance, my sadness deepens. But when I remember that the Lord promised that His power would go with me, I begin to look for evidence of what He has done in the lives of the people I am to serve. I pray to see with spiritual eyes the effects of His power." I can see that to be true now.

Well, I am out of time, but I love you and miss you!


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