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November 9th 2009

Hello Everyone!

How have you been this week? I've been doing well. Transfers are on the 18th and I'm very curious as to what is going to happen. I've been in this area for a little more than 5 months, so it's likely that I will leave. But if I stay one more transfer, I'll be here a total of 7 months. I really love the people here. We might have one more baptism on Monday the 16th, so I'm hoping (and especially praying) that it can happen. Some families in this ward have become extended families for me, so it'll be hard to say bye. I wouldn't mind a change though. BUT there's still a big possibility that I can stay. It's so much harder to figure out transfers for the Sisters! They have to take into account who is a driver, who is full-proselyting, who is a visitor's center sister, how many new sisters are coming and how many are leaving, etc. I'll know by next week so I'll keep you updated!

I got a letter from Dad last week talking about being in the Stake Choir and directing the Ward Choir, etc. It seems like it would be difficult to direct a choir when people aren't as eager to join as you'd like. The ward choir here has a total of 2 men. They sang in sacrament yesterday and since I was at church early for meetings, I sat in on the choir practice and sang with them in Sacrament. It was fun. I don't know how we sounded but oh well. If Dad is still the choir director when I get home from my mission next year, I will definitely join the choir. Which reminds me--I go home in less than a year!!! AND I get to talk to everyone on the phone in less than 2 months! I'm so excited.

We found out that President Monson will be speaking at our Stake Conference on the 22nd. It would be a live broadcast from Laie. I don't know if he'll meet with the missionaries though. That would be neat. I remember seeing him about this time last year with Ronnie at BYU for a CES fireside. I remember the Marriott Center was PACKED and the moment he walked into view it was silent and it felt like his authority just filled the whole arena. He really is a prophet of God.

President Monson reminded us that we need to "find joy in the journey NOW." He quoted "The music man" by saying that if we keep looking to tomorrow, we'll have a lot of empty yesterdays. There's so much to do now to improve ourselves & families, to help others, to serve, to do temple work & missionary work, etc. I'm so glad to have a living prophet to help us know what our priorities in life should be.

I wanted to share one small experience that happened a while ago, but is kind of neat (I just kept forgetting to include it in my emails). I usually run in the morning for my exercise, but in July/August I felt like I pulled a muscle in my leg, so I eventually stopped. It hurt really bad. It extended along the inside front of my thigh, and every step I took hurt. After not running for about 6 weeks, the pain went away completely so I decided to start running again. After a couple days, it came back. I was so frustrated. How could I keep my body healthy if I couldn't do decent exercise. I prayed and asked for help and the thought occurred to me that I didn't pull a muscle. I felt like I could keep running, so I did. I started to notice the pain would vary, but I couldn't figure when or why it hurt at certain times, and other times the pain was gone. The words "your back" came into my head. My back? I thought about it and realized that I hadn't done any back strengthening exercises for about 3 months. When I first learned that I had a bulging disc in my back, the x-ray technicians said that sometimes it can pinch a nerve and send pain down the leg. So I decided to go by my prompting and try to strengthen my back, even though the pain was clearly in my leg and didn't SEEM connected with my back. I did some good exercises everyday and about 2 weeks later the pain was GONE. I never would've guess on my own that my back was causing the pain, but Heavenly Father answered my prayers and helped me fix the problem.

I hope all of you are doing well. I love you all and I miss you A LOT. Write back!


Sister Smith

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