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October 26th 2009

Dear Family,

Last week has been pretty good and I'm looking forward to HALLOWEEN this week! We can't do any proselyting after 5pm, so we can either relax at home or go have fun. So we are choosing to go have fun. One of our members invited us over for dinner, she makes chili every Halloween and her family has a little party of sorts. We're also going trick-or-treating with some members. My companion, Sister Orgil, has never experienced the excitement of Halloween before since Mongolia doesn't celebrate ghosts, witches, zombies and creepy things. When you really think about it, I guess Halloween is a weird holiday. I wonder how it came about. We're going to carve pumpkins tonight, and we even tied in a lesson about repentance with carving pumpkins. I wanted to know if anyone can send pictures or advertisements about corn mazes and haunted houses and stuff. I was telling my companion all about fun Halloween festivities in Utah and I'd love to SHOW her too.

Speaking of my companion, she is HILARIOUS. Yesterday we were tracting. The most common "conversation" we have at the door goes like this:
"Hi! We're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints-"
"No thank you. I have my own church." (starting to close the door)
"Ok, well who do you know that would be interested in or could benefit from our message?"
"Not interested. Sorry."
".......ok. Have a good day!"

So after having a couple of these conversations, Sister Orgil asked me (in her Mongolian accent), "Sister Smith, what would you say if some guy asked you out but you had a boyfriend?" I wasn't sure if it was a trick question or what, but she laughed and said, "Come on! You learned it on your mission!" I was awaiting what she was going to say and she responded, "You'd say, 'no thank you, I have my own boyfriend.' And if he was a returned missionary he'd say 'oh, ok, who do you know that would be interested in or could benefit from going on a date with me?" Haha, I hope you find that as funny as I did. Maybe I've just been a missionary too long...

Anyway, on a more spiritual note we've had a few REALLY GOOD lessons last week. Also, Elder Kenneth Johnson of the 1st quorum of the seventy came and had a short mission conference with all the full-proselyting missionaries on the island. He was very inspirational. My favorite thing he said was that when we have the Spirit with us, we can never get burned out--rather, we'll get fired up! It's so true. I've had more days feeling burned out now that I'm getting deeper in my mission, and sometimes I just want to go home and sleep. But at those times I never have my mind centered on the gospel and I'm not trying to feel the Spirit. At that meeting I felt like I had a wake up call and am ready to get back out there and be fired up!

We had an especially spiritual lesson on Thursday with some investigators who've met with missionaries on and off over the years. We've been teaching them for almost 2 months and we decided we needed to teach the Restoration again. We brought a ward member with us who is exceptional when it comes to inviting the Spirit. After we had shared our testimonies about Joseph Smith, we could feel the Spirit's presence in the room. Then Brother Molale (the ward member) shared his testimony on the Priesthood and how we can know the truth. He talked about his conversion and how he received an answer to his prayers. He talked about how we feel the Holy Ghost--especially with a warmth in our hearts. He then, by the power of the Priesthood, blessed that everyone in the room would feel the truth of the message by a warmth in our hearts and said, "I bestow this blessing upon you now." Immediately, I felt it STRONGLY. One of the investigators was crying and didn't know why. Wow. I hope the man I marry someday is a worthy priesthood holder with such great faith so that he can use his priesthood like that. Words cannot describe how powerful that moment was.

Well, time is short so I have to go, but I hope to hear from all of you soon! I love you ALL and miss you.


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