Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

This was my first Valentine's Day with a boy to spend it with.  I've always love Valentine's Day, but today was definitely extra special.  

He left chocolate covered strawberries at my apartment along with a note stating to meet him at the place where we had our first kiss at 8pm.  So I found him there in a suit with a rose and candles all around.  We danced in the candlelight for a little while, then went to Magleby's for some chocolate cake, then went to his apartment to watch a movie.  

In return I made him these AWESOME cupcakes (since we are both gamer nerds).  Funfetti cupcakes with rainbow chip frosting are my FAVORITE and Brandon said he likes them too.  I did make a small batch of buttercream icing for the pokeballs.  All in all, a good night.

***Side note: This was the LAST time I ever had the pleasure of eating "rainbow chip" frosting because it is no longer made!!! Funfetti icing doesn't even compare.

Can I be mushy for a moment?  Brandon is the best guy I could have ever hoped to fall in love with!  Whenever I'm with him, I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world!  He is funny, fun to be with, and I can completely be myself around him.  Not to mention, he's a genuinely good person--honest, sweet, and trustworthy.  He's quickly become my best and closest friend whom I have the biggest crush on!  I've always been a happy person, but he's added happiness to my life that I had no idea I was missing.

So to anyone out there who's reading this, but sure to never settle in life and to always recognize the good that you do have!  Life is beautiful!