Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pinterest Project - Earring Holder

I'm a sucker for Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/thebridget) and every once in a while I have time to try out a project I pinned.  On Sunday I had the chance to make a lovely earring holder (which I've been desperately needing).  I submitted this project to the Pinstrosity blog, but I still consider it a success :)

Here's the pin (and the tutorial can be found on this blog):

Unlike the original creator, I don't have a bunch of lace or trim lying around my house so I bought some from the fabric store for a few dollars.  I had some extra neutral fabric and got an 8" x 10" picture frame from Walmart.  I spent about $8, but could have easily spent less if I wanted to make the effort to paint an older, practically free frame & find some lace at the thrift store.

Anyway, I didn't have double-sided tape, any sort of glue, or even a stapler lying around my apartment.  And I was just too lazy and impatient to leave the apartment to find some.  Sooo I basically sewed the fabric to the cardboard (I should probably replace the needle in my machine now...) and called it good. The fabric isn't stretched as tight on the cardboard or in the frame as it could be, but it turned out decent and now my earrings are finally organized and easily accessible! Hooray!!

Here's the finished product:

UPDATE (July 5, 2013):

I decided to make a necklace holder (which I LOVE) and, in the process, felt like I should take the extra effort to make my earring holder look a little better.  I removed the attaching stitches and used some permanent double sided tape to attach the fabric in a more snug way.  I think it's a bit of an improvement.  The difference is much more noticeable in person than in a photo, but here's the result: