Friday, July 5, 2013

DIY Necklace Holder

No more tangled necklaces!!! I first got inspiration for this from this pin on Pinterest (the original blog post can be found here).  At the time, I was looking for earring holder ideas, but once I found a result that worked for me I needed a necklace holder!  I thought I had another blog pinned but I must've heard the idea elsewhere.  Anywhere, here's how to do it:

1. Get some wood or a small shelf

I was craving some DIY fun, so I didn't want to have a standard coat rack from Ikea installed.  I found this little shelf at the thrift store for 50 cents, so I went for it. The 2 pieces of wood were originally attached with hot glue (terrible for wood!) & were falling apart so I removed the glue & attached them using Elmer's wood glue.  After it set, I did a little sanding because the little flower details were a bit raised & I wanted a more even surface.

2. Drill Holes

 So...I made the mistake of marking & drilling my little shelf AFTER I painted.  As a result, some of the paint rubbed off.  It was easy to just re-spray it, but I would definitely recommend doing this FIRST!!

3. Clean, Prime, & Paint

My dad emphasized the importance of cleaning a surface before painting.  He said you'll achieve best results if you use something meant to clean prior to painting instead of just soap & water.  I used TSP cleaner that I found in the paint section of Walmart.  It was inexpensive & didn't have strong fumes.  I just wiped it down with an old white shirt dipped in the cleaner & it was all set. If your piece isn't cleaned properly, all your painting could go to waste :(

I used Zinsser Cover Stain Primer b/c I bought it to prime some furniture due to it's rave reviews. I worked at Home Depot a few years back for almost a year & learned that Primer can make a huge difference.  It helps your paint stay on better and gives your color a more even appearance.  For something this simple, you could probably get a 2-in-1 paint/primer though.
All Primed & Ready to Go!

 Finally, I used 2 coats of black Rustoleum gloss enamel.  This is basically a 2-in-1 paint & topcoat.  I've been experimenting with spray paints a lot lately and I really think Rustoleum is the best!  They have a big variety of colors & types of paint, and I've been pleased with everything I've used.

4. Attach Hooks and/or Drawer Pulls

I thought I saw a necklace holder online that used a variety of hooks and drawer pulls found at the thrift store. I loved this idea & was able to find a really cool antique silver drawer pull with a sunflower on it...but that was it.  So I got some hooks & drawer pulls at Walmart & painted a couple with some spray paint I had for some other projects.  I added some clear enamel on top so the color wouldn't wear off.

5. Attach to wall & enjoy!!

I'm renting & didn't really want to attach my necklace holder to the wall with screws. I found an excellent solution from Target.  I purchased some Command plastic robe hooks their a while ago that had removable foam tape.  I went back to see if they sold the tape separately (Dad's idea--he helps me so much with this DIY stuff!) and I found these "Picture Hanging Strips" that can hold up to 12 lbs!  You attach 1 set of foam strips to your frame (or shelf in this case...and I used 3 strips for mine) then use a 2nd set to attach to the wall. They stick together in a velcro-like fashion, so it's relatively easy to remove the shelf from the wall, then remove the strips when the time comes.  I waited about an hour after attachment before adding the necklaces and jewelry boxes & everything felt quite sturdy.

Finally, I put it near my homemade earring holder (see my previous post here) so not only is it functional, but adds a design element.  I LOVE how it turned out & how much easier it is to get to my necklaces now!